Outdoor Step Handrails — How To Find A Quality Set For A Residential Property

12 June 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you currently have stairs outside your home without handrails, you may want to add them to make them more secure. You can complete such a makeover with ease if you follow these practices.

Measure the Stairs' Dimensions

Wherever you plan to put outdoor step handrails, it's paramount that they fit correctly. You can find the right size if you take the time to measure the stairs where you plan to place these handrails. Gather their length dimensions, so you know how long the handrails should be to fit great and look like they belong around your residential property.

Remember that you can buy outdoor step handrails from suppliers if the dimensions are standard. Whereas if the stairs have particularly unique measurements, you may be better off ordering a custom set from a handrail manufacturer. 

Make Sure Screws Are Durable

You can put a lot of outdoor step handrails together using screws. Just make sure the variety that comes with your new handrails is durable so that after you set up these fasteners, your handrails remain structurally sound for many years.

To tell whether or not screws are of excellent quality, look at their materials and the intended environments they can be around. For instance, weatherproof steel screws would be a great choice for step handrails because they won't break down in the elements outside. It's thus safe to assume you won't need to replace them any time soon. 

Don't Forget to Choose a Color

If you want your outdoor step handrails to look unique, you might want to choose a set that's colored. The handrails will subsequently stand out, becoming a fantastic element of your property's exterior. The color options vary depending on which supplier or manufacturer you work with. 

You might be able to find step handrails in colors like blue, black, and white for instance. Ultimately, your color selection comes down to two factors: your preferences and the property's exterior aesthetics. Take your time to look them over until you're sure of which color to go with. 

A renovation you might take on as a homeowner is the addition of outdoor step handrails. You have some solid choices today, especially if you shop online. Ultimately, do your best to find handrails that are sized correctly and durable. These properties will give you the most from a step handrail investment for a home you care a lot about.  

To learn more about outdoor step handrails, contact a local service provider.