Air Filtration Versus Air Purification: Do You Want Both?

2 January 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


In industrial settings, you have air filtration and air purification. Quite often, people use these phrases interchangeably, but they are not the same at all. Here is what makes these two systems different, and why it is a good idea to have both systems installed in your manufacturing plant. 

Air Filtration

Air filtration sucks up all the shavings, particulates, splatters, powders, dust from production, and other potentially harmful substances from the work environment. It pulls everything of this nature out of the air, and into a holding space where it cannot harm anyone. Air filtration is required by law (via OSHA) in many states and most manufacturing industries. It is the bare minimum approach to keeping the air in the work environment breathable and free of toxins, harmful chemicals, and particulates that can damage the lungs and breathing passageways. 

Air filtration systems must be installed over every work area where there is a likelihood of dangerous or toxic substances. These systems have to be kept clean and well-maintained. They may be inspected at any time by OSHA inspectors if there is reasonable cause to inspect your plant. 

Air Purification

Air purification, on the other hand, purifies the air that your employees are breathing. It aids the filtration system with removing harmful substances, but it also removes a lot of allergens and smaller particulates that you cannot see. It cleans the air and holds allergens, dust, dust mites, etc., within special filters, while sending the cleaned and purified air back out into the work environment.

The result is much cleaner air for everyone to breathe, so your crew will need to take fewer sick days to recover from illnesses. The air purification system is preventing the circulation of allergens, germs, and viruses. When you combine air purification with air filtration, the result is that you get the cleanest air possible for everyone and the safest work environment in terms of air quality. 

Getting One or Both Systems Installed

As previously mentioned, you should already have the air filtration systems in and running. If you do not, you need to get them now. As for air purification systems, you can get those installed at any time, and they are generally installed near the filtration systems, but not so near as to mix up the air cleaning and purification processes. Return vents for purification are necessary, but there are no return vents for air filtration systems.