3 Important Steps To Take When Maintaining An Industrial Water Pump

3 January 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Water pumps are used in the industrial sector a lot, but unfortunately, they are pretty expensive to repair. It's so important to maintain them properly over the years so repairs aren't a regular occurrence. This won't be difficult if you take the following steps. 

Keep Motor Lubricated

Like a motor in a vehicle, the motor of a water pump is put through a lot while operating. Thus, it's important to keep it lubricated. Failing to do this will cause the motor to overheat, and this is not a cheap problem to fix.

When lubricating the motor, make sure you use the right product. It should be specifically designed for the motor that corresponds to your water pump. Also, you need to see how often the motor should be lubricated. Abiding by this lubrication schedule will help your motor work great for a long time. 

Monitor the Seals

Seals play an important role in a water pump's performance because if they get damaged, leaks could occur. Then, your operations would be severely affected. Get in the habit of inspecting seals for damage every couple of weeks or so. 

Make sure you thoroughly scan each seal from top to bottom, making a note of any damage present. If the seals are in really bad shape, you'll want to have them replaced before using the water pump any further. Like with the motor lubricant, you need to make sure the replacement seals you choose are compatible with the particular water pump you use. 

Utilize Annual Inspections

Just because your water pump on an industrial site seems to be working great, it doesn't mean you need to let maintenance fall by the wayside. Rather, you need to remain proactive and utilize annual inspections. 

They'll prove helpful for identifying hidden issues you may have missed. For example, there may be a small leak you didn't spot. These inspections will indicate these sort of issues before they have the chance to get any worse. At the end of the inspection, you'll receive a concise report that indicates the exact condition of various systems. You can then have problems addressed that are the most pressing. 

Water pumps are important for a lot of industrial sites today, and if you have one around your site, it behooves you to take good care of it. Even if you don't know much about these systems, water pump maintenance isn't difficult as long as you know what protocol to follow. Contact a water pump maintenance service for more information.