Working With A Metal Recycler To Remove Scrap Metal From Your Property

6 January 2020
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Scrap metal can be profitable for recyclers, and because of that, if you have a lot of metal to get rid of, you may find a recycler that is willing to work with you to haul it off your property for free. The recycler may even provide a container for you to fill and pick up when you are ready. 

Finding a Recycler to Pick Up Scrap

When you decide to clean up the scrap metal on your property, finding a recycler to work with is the first step. Check with the local companies that accept scrap and see if they offer pickup services and let them know what you have to recycle. The recycler may only deal with specific items, so it is essential to find a scrap yard that will take the kinds of material you have to remove. 

It is a good idea to discuss the availability of a roll-off container as well. In some cases, the scrap yard will have a truck with a claw and crane that can pick material up off the ground, so all you need to do is pile it up, but sometimes they will provide a container that you can fill, and the driver will then need to pick up and take to the yard when it is full. 

Sorting Your Scrap

Check with the recycler about sorting the scrap that you have on hand. If you have steel and aluminum mixed, the job of sorting the scrap will fall to the recycler if you don't sort it. While some recyclers will accept mixed loads, the price they pay for the material will be lower because they have to spend the time to sort it before they can resell the material to a client or company looking for clean scrap.

Automobile Parts

Most recyclers will only take specific parts of a car as scrap. The body panels are typically fine, and anything that is metal, but you need to remove the interior, the tires, and all the fluids must be out of the car. Finding a scrap yard that takes cars is harder than finding one that will take old steel and aluminum pieces. 

The cars need crushing, and the market for the material is different from standard scrap, so if you have cars to remove from the property, you may want to have an auto salvage yard remove them, and they can scrap them after dealing with removing all the parts that must come off. 

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