2 Ways To Enhance Restaurant Heating Practices

21 July 2020
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To keep the staff comfortable and your dining guests happy, you have to do more than just whip up a few great dishes. You need to create the right environment. Did you know that paying more attention to your restaurant's heating practices can help you work towards this goal? Learn about a couple of commercial heating practices you can adopt to enhance your restaurant.

1. Invest in Zone Heating

All restaurants should have zoned heating systems because the heating needs are not the same throughout a restaurant. For instance, when the ovens, fryers, dishwashers, and several other appliances are on in the kitchen, the space will be naturally warmer than the dining room. 

If the heat is just as high in the kitchen as it is in the dining room, your staff will be uncomfortable, and if the heat is set to accommodate the kitchen, your dining guests will be uncomfortable. When guests in the dining room are uncomfortable, it can affect your bottom line if they decide to leave. 

Zoned heating affords you the opportunity to regulate temperatures based on the specific needs of the area. Not only does this step keep everyone more comfortable, but it can also help you control your heating costs.

2. Adhere to Regular Maintenance

During the winter months, a restaurant's heating system does not get much rest. You have the morning crew that comes in to prep for the day, the operating hours, and then the closing crew. Often, the heat must stay at an elevated temperature to keep the building comfortable nearly the entire day. This level of use can bring about increased wear and tear. 

The last thing you want to have happen is for the heating system to fail right in the middle of a busy rush. To avoid this, it is essential that you adhere to regular maintenance. A large part of accomplishing this goal involves being proactive instead of reactive.

Start by scheduling routine inspections to have your heating system inspected. Often, a technician is able to sort out any potential issues before they manifest. You should also commit to changing your system's filters. The cleaner the system's operation, the less likely there is to be an issue.

If you want to implement these or any other changes to your restaurant, contact a commercial heating professional who can assist you with all your needs and ensure your system is operating efficiently.

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