Top Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Buying Film Cores for Your Plastic Wrap Manufacturing Facility

12 February 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If your business makes plastic wrap, then you might have found that using film cores is pretty much the best and only way to package your plastic wrap so that it's easy to store, ship, and use. Therefore, you might have already purchased plenty of film cores in the past. If this is the case, then you might know about the basics of purchasing film cores. However, you could be making mistakes when buying film cores without even realizing it. These are some of the mistakes that you might be making and that you will probably want to avoid if you want to be as successful as possible with purchasing the film cores that you need.

Ordering Film Cores That Aren't the Right Size

First of all, think carefully about the width of the plastic wrap that is manufactured in your facility, and make sure that you purchase film cores that are of the appropriate length. You don't want to find that your film cores aren't actually big enough to provide ample support for the entire width of the plastic wrap. At the same time, though, you don't want to buy film cores that are too long. Too-long film cores that aren't cut can take up more packaging space and cost more in shipping costs. You do have the option to cut film cores that are too long, but this can be a waste of time and can result in you spending more money on your film cores. Therefore, if necessary, consider ordering film cores that are the right size for your plastic wrap, and you'll probably find that it's worth the purchase.

Ordering Film Cores That Aren't Durable Enough

You probably put a lot of effort and money into producing the best plastic wrap that you can for your customers. Therefore, now is not the time to try to save money by buying low-quality film cores. You'll want to make sure that they are durable and strong enough to hold up well during the shipping process and to hold up once the plastic wrap is being used.

Not Ordering Them in Bulk

You need to have film cores on hand so that you can wrap up the new plastic wrap that you make and prepare it to be packaged, shipped, and sold. If you run out of film cores, then you might have to stop your production line. Buying film cores in bulk will help you avoid running out and can potentially save you money on the cost per film core, too.

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